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Organic certification / Eco-certification of organic turmeric juice

Fresh turmeric juice produced and distributed by Natuval comes from organic farms certified by ECOCERT.

ECOCERT is a certification body specialising in organic farming that meets the criteria of independence, impartiality, expertise and efficiency as defined by European standard EN 45011.

ECOCERT's mission is to verify on-site compliance of farms and food industries with the regulations of organic farming, prior to awarding the certification documents.

This certification attests that NATUVAL products meet the demands of organic farming specifications, including in particular the following points:

  • The product is guaranteed GMO-free.
  • The product has at least 95% organic ingredients, grown using agronomic and farming practices that respect the natural balance of the environment and animal well-being.
  • The product is designed with respect for the current French regulations.

For more information, feel free to read the ECOCERT documentation available here:


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Established in Lorraine, Natuval sells organic turmeric juice via its website.
Turmeric juice is not a food supplement. Natuval organic turmeric juice offers many advantages for everyone's good health by consuming Natuval's organic turmeric juice.